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Underwear washing precautions, underwear must not be washed overnight

Every woman's underwear is clean and sanitary, which is an important way to keep away from gynecological diseases, and also a guarantee for everyone's health. You usually wash your underwear every day. Is the method of washing clothes correct? A lot of women in the issue of washing underwear, has not been very attention, think is to wash clean. In fact, there are a lot of attention to washing underwear. Today, let's talk about the matters needing attention in washing underwear. Have you paid attention to these?

Pay attention to washing underwear

1. Aunt's blood on the inside can't be washed with hot water

It's not that you can't wash the inside with hot water, but you can't wash the inside of your aunt with hot water. This starts from the components in the blood. Because of the high protein content in the blood, if you use hot water to scald directly, the blood stains will not be visible, but the proteins in the blood will denaturalize and coagulate on the inside due to heat, and this denatured protein will not be soluble with water Finally, it will stick on the inside, which is more difficult to clean.

When you put on the inner part of this denatured protein again, these residues will become the best place for bacteria to grow. You will find that the inner part turns yellow, which brings the risk of vaginitis to women. This is also one of the reasons why the female's inner part turns yellow after a period of time, so the inner part with yellow color should be replaced in time.

The correct way is: when Aunt unexpected arrival, stick to the inside, should first with cold water soak for a while, slowly rub, will see the aunt blood slowly dissipate, will completely wash the blood stains, then hot water for disinfection.

2. Never use irritant detergent to clean inside

As mentioned above, some women find that their underwear is yellow, or some stains can't be washed out by ordinary methods. They think of using some disinfectant or strong detergent to clean your underwear. In this way, although your interior looks clean. However, while these irritant chemicals can help you get rid of the stains, they will hide in your interior. If you don't clean them and put them on again, they will make you allergic and itchy.

The correct way is: when the inside of the Yellow wash out, the best is to throw it, do not wear. The products in the wash must be mild. If it is soap, it should be used for special purpose. It is not allowed to share the same soap with other clothes, especially socks. In addition, the use of white radish with salt can also play a certain role in the yellow.

3. Underwear must not be washed overnight

Once, microbiologists have done research on clothes washed by washing machines. A pair of dirty underwear will carry 0.1 gram of feces on average, and the feces often contain a large number of bacteria, viruses, eggs and so on that can't be seen by the naked eye.

In addition, the human body itself will secrete a large number of substances mainly composed of protein every day. In addition, the natural warm environment will help our perineum become a natural "microbial breeding nest".

Therefore, timely every day's work is busy, how tired you are today, please remember: every night before going to bed change a pair of underwear, and immediately clean.

4. It's better not to choose dark color for women's interior

1. Women are to judge their own situation by secretions on the inside and outside. By choosing the light color inside, you can see the color and shape of secretions more intuitively. When the secretions appear red, brown, green and other unusual colors, they can be found at the first time.

2. Dark colored clothes are dyed with dye. The darker the color is, the more sufficient the dye is. Although the quality of underwear is better now, we can feel the material. But what do we know about colorants?

5. Cotton material, ventilation and hygiene

Many women have lower itching, vaginal secretions stink and discoloration, which is caused by the tight material of small underpants. When buying small underpants, it is best to use cotton material and loose design as the main material. In ordinary days, we should take good care of the lower part of the body. On special days, we can afford to wear special designed small underpants. If you want to charm the other half, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the lower body.

The above is to introduce to you a few points, want to keep underwear clean and sanitary, washing methods we should pay attention to do a good job of prevention, in aunt started, underwear is not suitable for hot water washing, it seems to be washed clean, in fact, the underwear washed out is not healthy. We know the wrong way to wash underwear, so we women must correct it in time, do not wash wrong again. This article and everybody introduced these, hoped can help everybody.

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