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Two hours before going to bed is the golden period for health preservation, and the body will get better and better during the golden period

Both men and women, after the age of 40, their bodies begin to decline. At this time, if they are older, they will have to pay for doctors. But health care is also exquisite, in the golden age, the effect is twice the result with half the effort!

If you gradually feel that your physical strength and energy are not as good as before, you must seize two golden periods of health preservation. One is an hour before going to bed, and the other is half an hour after dinner. The two and a half hours a day, even if you only grasp one hour, can live ten years longer.

Now many people still attach great importance to health preservation. Some studies have shown that bedtime is the golden period for health preservation. If you protect your body well before going to bed and do the right thing, you can greatly improve your sleep quality, which is very beneficial to your health and longevity.

If you do not do a good time before going to bed, it will affect people's sleep, is not conducive to the body's internal organs detoxification and metabolism. For a long time, the health of the body will be hidden dangers, longevity may also quietly leave you. Before going to bed is a good time to keep fit. Two things are very important. If you do the right thing, hope to keep it up!

Have you ever heard of a similar health keeping secret? Many people adhere to these "guidelines" for decades, but they do not know that they are harming their health. What are the taboos after dinner? What health problems do some symptoms after meals indicate? Relevant experts make some rules for your "health after meals".

Half an hour after dinner

Half an hour after breakfast

After breakfast, you can massage the knee. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the stomach meridian is dominated at 7-9 a.m., which is called "longevity classic" in TCM meridians, passing through the knee joint. About 20 minutes after meal, rub knee joint repeatedly with hand, can make stomach channel unobstructed.

Do not exercise half an hour after breakfast, otherwise it will cause indigestion. If the exercise intensity is large, it will also cause abdominal pain or gastrointestinal diseases.

Half an hour after lunch, close your eyes and nourish liver blood

Yang Li, Professor of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, said that after lunch, you can sit still for 10 minutes to half an hour with closed eyes, which can make more blood flow to the liver, nourish yin and eliminate dryness, protect the liver and eliminate food consumption.

In the afternoon, you can find a quiet place to sit upright with your eyes slightly closed, eyelids sinking, and abandon distractions; your tongue should reach your upper jaw and swallow body fluid; you should breathe evenly, and then breathe deeply and slowly to hold the elixir field. Can also use both hands index finger end gently press on the eyelid, slightly rub, until the eyeball is hot and swollen.

Middle aged and old people should not take a nap immediately after lunch, otherwise it will aggravate the insufficiency of blood supply to the heart and brain, resulting in chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue and other discomfort. 

Drink water and pat Ren Mai half an hour after dinner

According to the Cooper aerobic Institute of the United States, the body's small intestine begins to absorb about 30 minutes after dinner. Drinking some water half an hour after dinner can strengthen the body's digestive function. In this half hour, you can also pat Ren Mai, which is the middle part above the lower abdomen. There are many important acupoints distributed here. After eating, tap gently from top to bottom for 20 minutes, which can help digestion Keep fit.

Half an hour after dinner, don't rush to drink tea, soak feet and take a bath. A large number of acidic substances in tea can combine with iron and zinc in food, resulting in the loss of iron in food. Bathing and soaking feet will weaken the digestive function of the stomach and is not good for the body.

One hour before bed

An hour before going to bed is also a golden health period, so what should be done specifically?

Soak feet: help sleep and nourish kidney

Foot is the farthest part of the centrifugal viscera, not easy to get nutrients and blood. Before going to bed with a warm bubble a foot, to promote the body's blood circulation, accelerate metabolism are good. The golden time point of foot soaking is around 9 o'clock. At this time, the kidney can be relaxed to the greatest extent.

Brushing your teeth: preventing heart disease

Brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than in the morning. It can not only remove oral accumulation, but also help protect teeth and sleep safely. Most importantly, clean your toothbrush before going to bed to prevent heart disease. What needs to be reminded is that when brushing teeth, it is best to use up and down brush method, do not brush horizontally, otherwise it will cause damage to the teeth and cause tooth loss.

Kneading abdomen: regulating spleen

Knead the abdomen often when you are sleeping. The method is: lie on the back, relax the whole body, press the left heart on the abdomen, and fold the right hand on the back of the left hand, rotate it anticlockwise for 64 times, and then rotate it for 64 times from the chest to the abdomen, from the top to the bottom. Force should be gentle, force through the skin, but not too much force.

Combing your hair: lowering blood pressure

Before going to bed with a wooden comb, comb down from the forehead to the back of the head, about five minutes, can reach Yang Qi, dredge Qi and blood, prevent hair loss and gray hair.

Rubbing feet: detoxification and longevity

"Sanli Yongquan acupoint is the secret of longevity. Press it a hundred times before going to bed, invigorating the spleen and benefiting blood essence. " Take a few minutes to massage Yongquan point before going to bed, which can detoxify and nourish the kidney.

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