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Turn off the lights to play with the harm of mobile phones, the emergence of three symptoms to immediately put down the mobile phone

Someone said, "the furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but that I am sitting in front of you while you are playing with your mobile phone." What a painful insight!! The mobile phone is a terrible "killer", it encroaches on our spare time, and even is slowly eroding our body, so that we pay a heavy health cost. When you party, eat, go to the toilet, even lie in bed at night holding your beloved mobile phone to play happily, have you ever considered the harm it brings to you? Among them, do you know how lethal it is to play mobile phones before bed? Or do you think it's just a playboy, as for the scaremongering?

Do you know the harm of turning off the lights and playing with mobile phones?

1. Disturb work and rest time

Mobile phone is full of temptation to people. Once the mobile phone is taken to bed, the sleeping time will be delayed. Long term disruption of work and rest time will lead to insufficient sleep and loss of memory of the next day.

2. Reduce work efficiency

If you don't pay attention to the time, you will delay your sleep. If you don't pay attention to the time, you will lose your mind and concentration the next day, which will directly affect your work and study efficiency.

3. Increased risk of obesity

While disrupting melatonin secretion and work and rest time, mobile phone light can also disrupt the hormone secretion that controls hunger levels, potentially increasing the risk of obesity.

4. Cause visual impairment

Eye surface damage: when focusing on playing mobile phones, the number of blinks will decrease, resulting in reduced tear secretion; at the same time, the dazzling light on the mobile phone screen after turning off the lights will cause corneal epithelial damage. These can lead to eye fatigue, foreign body feeling, dry and dry, eye pain, red eye and other symptoms.

Cause glaucoma: staring at the screen of the mobile phone at close range in the dark place, the lens becomes convex, the pupil expands, and the muscles related to the eye continue to tense. All of these will cause the increase of intraocular pressure and may induce glaucoma. Once it happens, it will cause irreversible optic nerve injury.

Cause macular degeneration: when you look at the mobile phone after turning off the lights, the relatively strong light will stimulate the macular area of the eyeball. In the long run, it will cause the chronic light damage in the macular area, the aging of retinal pigment cells and the hardening of related blood vessels, resulting in the decrease of vision and the deformation of visual objects.

5. Problems with the cervical spine

Cervical spondylosis is recognized as an occupational disease of white-collar workers. The cervical spine is already overburdened after a day's work. At this time, the most needed is rest. If you return home at night and still bow your head to play mobile phone, it is not good for the cervical spine. The posture of half leaning on the head of the bed will do more harm to the cervical spine and lumbar spine. In the long run, it will also cause nervous system damage and lead to spinal diseases.

6. It's easy to hit yourself

I believe many friends have been hit by mobile phones in the face, right? It's easy to get to your face or chest if you don't hold your mobile phone firmly at night. Especially now the mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger, our probability of being hit and injured will also increase.

If you have these symptoms, put down your cell phone immediately

1. Eye discomfort

If there is dry, sore or even swollen eyes after playing with the mobile phone for a period of time, it shows that the eyes have been hurt. Once this kind of problem occurs, it means that the best way to relieve it is to put down the mobile phone. Otherwise, if it goes on for a long time, it will affect the eyesight, and if the situation is serious, it may lead to insomnia.

When the screen image of the mobile phone changes rapidly or there is strong flicker, the photosensitive substances in the retina of the eyes will be consumed too much, so the eyes will appear dry, tired and blurred vision. If the situation is serious, it may damage the cornea and conjunctiva aging. In addition, the secretion of lacrimal glands will also have problems. Playing with the mobile phone for a long time will lead to dry and dim light in the eyes. If the condition is serious, it can also cause corneal perforation, which can lead to blindness.

2. Dizziness and fatigue

If there is no spirit or even a little dizzy when playing mobile phones, it indicates that the brain has begun to work overload, and the spirit can not be relaxed under the condition of high tension for a long time, which will lead to vasoconstriction and easily induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, if you find dizziness after playing for a period of time, you must put down your mobile phone immediately, otherwise it will cause great harm to your health.

3. Neck and shoulder pain

People always keep their heads down when they play with mobile phones. If it goes on for a long time, it will cause a series of cervical spondylosis, which will lead to cervical spine bending and deformation. Some people like ge you to lie down when playing with mobile phones. If you go down for a long time, it will easily lead to abnormal shoulder parts. Once the bone is deformed, it will take some time to adjust.

From the mobile phone can get a lot of information, easy to let people can't stop, but no matter how, playing with the mobile phone for a long time will cause harm to the body, so we should pay attention to all aspects.

Pay attention to these contents when playing with mobile phones

1. Turn on the lights at night

You must turn on the light when you play with your mobile phone at night. In a dark environment, however, the pupil of your eyes will be enlarged involuntarily. A long time will increase the probability of glaucoma. In addition, when the pupil is enlarged, the ultraviolet light that the eye receives will also increase, which will cause more damage.

2. Have a proper rest

When playing mobile phones, you must play for a while, take a hot rest, put down the mobile phone, look up to the distance, and then look at the near objects, which can well relieve eyesight fatigue.

3. Do eye exercises

If you feel uncomfortable with your eyes, you can do eye exercises. In addition, you can choose eye drops to relieve eyesight fatigue.

4. Don't lie down and play with your cell phone

Playing mobile phone lying down will hurt the eyeball, which will lead to insufficient blood supply to one eye. If you go down for a long time, your eyes will feel swollen, and you will be affected when you look at things again.

5. The brightness of mobile phones should be lowered

Many people are curled up in the bed to play with their mobile phones at night. At this time, the brightness of the mobile phone should be turned down a little. The strong light is harmful to the eyes, and the mobile phone should be tilted to the eyes as far as possible, so that the eyes will not feel too tired after a long time.

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