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There are seven hidden dangers in the health of men and women in the house. Be careful of all kinds of diseases and report in advance

Employment pressure, traffic difficulties, and the development of the Internet make many people step into the way of men and women living in the house. Their work is completed on the Internet, and their life consumption and even leisure are all on the Internet. They hardly walk out of their rooms. Their common characteristics are that they don't like to go out, face the computer all day, sit down and exercise very little. Experts pointed out that this way of life will make the human body Qi and blood blocked, metabolic decline, various diseases reported in advance.

1. Vision and hearing loss

Two ears do not listen to things around them, only listen to the middle of the ear. Most housewives and men, like ordinary urban youth, turn on their players every day, plug in their earphones and play endless pop music. If it goes on like this, the eardrum will be damaged and the hearing will be reduced. In addition, if the "family" use computers for a long time, their eyes will be dry and astringent, and dry eye syndrome or keratitis will appear. The retina of high myopia will be easily detached.

2. Constipation and hemorrhoids are accompanied all year round

Expert analysis, sedentary people, lack of physical exercise, intestinal muscles become loose, weakened peristaltic function, feces down slow, more prone to constipation. Chronic constipation can cause hemorrhoids.

3. Thrombosis, infarction

Sedentary, slow blood circulation, heart and lung, spleen and stomach functions are a kind of injury, over the long term, heart function decline, brain blood supply shortage, injury to the brain, the main organs of the body will appear lesions.

4. Shoulder neck low back pain, muscle soreness

Sedentary people have reduced muscle activity, reduced blood flow and insufficient oxygen supply to muscles, resulting in muscle relaxation, weakness and even atrophy. The joint synovial fluid of sedentary patients decreases significantly and becomes dry, which may lead to bone and joint diseases. The muscles and ligaments of the posterior part of the neck are most likely to suffer from traction strain, resulting in cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc herniation.

5. Fat hoarding, hidden danger

Men and women prefer to eat coke, hamburger and other high calorie food, sedentary, intake of lipids, starch will be too much into fat storage body. For a long time, a large number of lipids will be deposited in the inner walls of major and small arteries, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the systemic tissue system and accelerating the occurrence of various diseases.

6. Memory loss

YY is one of the greatest pleasures in life. You can eat ordinary bread YY, which is the latest bread of East hippo. You can watch the maid YY in the poster and deliver tea and water for you all day long. As a matter of fact, homestead men and women often carry out unconstrained thinking, which is conducive to the activation of brain cells, but at the same time, their memory is not concentrated, and the things they are not interested in will never be stored in the brain, and gradually evolved into memory decline, premature aging.

7. Social phobia

If the "house" is the form of one's work and life, it is not unhealthy. However, after living alone for a long time, we need to be vigilant. We should not suffer from "social phobia" due to this lifestyle, and become closed and afraid of contact with the outside society.

How to change the unhealthy lifestyle of "homestead men and housewives"

Delete all shopping software

Now the virtual network world seems to solve all the problems of people's life, can online shopping, online shopping, solve their own clothing, food, housing and transportation, leading to the emergence of a lot of homestead men and women, most of them have the following characteristics, inseparable from the computer and hand machine, dishevelled hair, stay at home. Although a lot of people indulge in the time of the house and enjoy themselves, there are great hidden dangers. In fact, it is a kind of escape from the real world and gradually lose the ability of social communication. If you want to get out of the world now, it is very difficult. The first step is to delete all the shopping software and go shopping.

Looking for a life goal

In fact, each of us has a desire to go out of the room and enjoy the best of our lives Strive to achieve it, and you will find that striving for your dream is full of happiness and happiness.

Make friends in the real world

The long-time house life makes us far away, which leads to the unwillingness to communicate with others and the fear of communicating with others and other social problems. For a long time, you will become depressed and lonely. Therefore, you need real friends in the real world to travel together and go shopping together. Slowly, you will find that only when you get along with people can you really feel happy and true friends Friends can share happiness and solve troubles together.

Making a life schedule

Because I have been addicted to my own world for a long time, I am sure that the work and rest time is very irregular. I always stay up late and get up late, which will definitely cause some discomfort to the body. Therefore, making a daily work and rest table will make every day more regular and lead a more healthy life. I will learn how to cook by myself and go out to buy vegetables and experience the fun of life.

Do some physical exercise

We all know that for a long time in the face of computers and mobile phones, the body will certainly become bad, which is what we call sub-health state. We all know that the body is the capital of revolution. So when you have decided to leave the homestead, it means that you must want a new life state, so a healthy body is essential. Exercise can not only improve our body You can also relax your mood and relieve stress. You will experience real happiness in exercise, and you will fall in love with this regular and healthy lifestyle.

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