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The side effect of sleeping pills to human body, the harm of taking sleeping pills often

Nowadays, many people are suffering from insomnia. After a long day's hard work, they want to have a good rest in the evening, but they can't sleep over and over again, which will lead to worse and worse physical condition in the long run. Work and pressure is too big to ensure the quality of sleep people, will use sleeping pills to maintain sleep, so what are the side effects of sleeping pills on the human body?

What are sleeping pills?

Sleeping pills, also known as diazepam, come from the drugs known as benzodiazepines. They are white crystalline powder. They are commonly used to treat insomnia.

Benzodiazepines are a kind of sedative hypnotics which can induce the hyperpolarization of nerve cells by enhancing the neurotransmission function of GABA. Generally, it is safe, but it may be harmful to human body if it is in high dose or combined with alcohol and other drugs.

What harm does often eat sleeping pill have?

1. Life threatening. In fact, taking sleeping pills will have side effects. In our country, the dosage of sleeping pills is strictly controlled. If you eat too much sleeping pills, the blood flow in the body will slow down, resulting in euthanasia.

2. It leads to insanity. Some elderly people can't stand the pain of the disease, so they will choose to take sleeping pills. Although sleeping pills can make people quickly enter the sleep state, they can also cause mental damage. If you take too much sleeping pills at ordinary times, it may lead to mental disorder and mental illness.

3. Poisoning. In addition, because there is a special ingredient in sleeping pills, which will make the brain into a state of deep sleep, so sleeping pills must not be taken too much. Once too much sleeping pills are taken, not only will people be poisoned, but also the whole brain will be extremely confused.

4. Easy to develop habits, even addiction. The longer the time of taking medicine, the more serious the compensation rebound after withdrawal. Some people have intolerable withdrawal symptoms, which leads to the wrong understanding that they have to eat and form drug dependence.

5. It is easy to produce drug resistance and is dangerous. During the day, drugs promote the liver to produce more drug decomposing enzymes, and the drugs in the body can be quickly destroyed by this enzyme, so that the hypnotic effect of drugs is gradually weakened and tolerance phenomenon occurs. Therefore, some people take sleeping pills will be more and more large, causing serious consequences.

6. It can also cause gastrointestinal dysfunction. For example, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, constipation, etc. Another example is that it can interact with other drugs. Another is that the excretion of some sleeping pills is slow. If you take them for a long time and accumulate over time, you may have accumulated poisoning. It is better to take them under the guidance of doctors to prevent addiction or drug accumulation poisoning. The treatment of insomnia and depression should not rely solely on drugs, but should actively treat the primary disease, strengthen psychological treatment, pay attention to sleep hygiene, and strengthen the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Sleeping pills are actually a kind of medicine that can cause great harm to the body. In ordinary times, we should pay attention to strictly control the dosage. If we say that we can enter sleep without sleeping pills, we should try not to take them. The reason why most people will suffer from insomnia is that they are faced with too much pressure at ordinary times. It is better to see a psychologist and make their situation better through psychological treatment. Otherwise, after a long time, they will not see any effective situation. Instead, they will make their body worse and worse. They will take a lot of sleeping pills and have immunity It's not worth losing.

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