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The key to longevity is not sleep or exercise. The secret of longevity has finally been found

Many people dream that they can live a long life, but what is the secret of longevity? The doctor said that it is impossible for people who dream of living a long life by relying on drugs, health products and small prescriptions.

In the present, people's living standards continue to improve, according to the truth will live longer, the average life span of mankind has indeed increased a lot, but a variety of diseases are constantly eroding people now, irregular work and rest will soon empty people's body, but we all hope that we can live a long life, although many people fall down in advance on this road Even though we all know that we can't escape from birth, aging and death, we will all strive to go in that direction, not to mention the pursuit of immortality, because the ancient emperors are in pursuit of immortality, but ultimately return to dust, but we also need to constantly struggle in the world, more stay here for a moment. And with the continuous improvement of medical level, many small diseases can be treated quickly.

Therefore, people still attach great importance to longevity. When they are young, they do not care about their bodies. When they are old, they begin to take care of their bodies seriously. They hope that they can stay in the world for another year or two. However, it is not so simple to want to live a long life. It is impossible to bring everyone into the stage of long life by relying on the progress of medicine. We still need to do it on weekdays In the life of good memory recuperation, then what things will be conducive to our health, how to carry out is the right?

The secret of longevity seems very profound, but it is very simple, such as the following four points

First, if you want to live a long life, you must take care of your mouth

In order to manage their own mouth, pickled food, fried food, smoked food, high-fat food, too sweet food, these should be eaten less, diet should pay attention to the supplement of fresh vegetables and fruits, unfortunately, many people can not control their mouth, even if occasionally, but soon as they want to eat as before.

Second, if you want to live a long life, you must control your temper

Those who have been smiling for ten years and love to get angry are not only prone to high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, but also have a significantly higher risk of cancer. On the contrary, those who are always smiling, cheerful and optimistic are more likely to live longer.

Third, if you want to live a long life, you must keep exercising

Exercise is very important, life lies in exercise, not three days of fishing, two days of drying the net, as long as you adhere to exercise, in order to prevent weight rebound, to better control your blood pressure and blood sugar, but also to improve immunity, better prevention of cancer, but with the growth of age, choose a suitable way of exercise is also important, such as swimming, walking, mountain climbing, Tai Chi It's a good choice.

Fourth, if you want to live a long life, you must insist on regular physical examination

The more developed countries, the longer the life expectancy is, because people pay attention to regular physical examination. After 50 years old, it is suggested that you should check lung CT regularly every year to exclude lung cancer, gastroscopy and enteroscopy should be regularly checked to exclude gastrointestinal cancer. Men should also regularly check the prostate, and women should regularly check the breast and cervix.

Many people will say, doctor, the four secrets you mentioned are very simple. Of course, it is very easy for you to do it at one time. The difficult thing is to stick to it for a long time, especially for those who are in the first place.

Diet Tips

A healthy diet is helpful to the longevity of the elderly, so how to eat is healthy for the elderly? What should be paid attention to in the diet of the elderly? Let's learn about it.

A little less

The amount of saliva secreted by the elderly is 1 / 3 of that of the young, and the secretion of gastric juice is also reduced to 1 / 5 of that of young people. Therefore, if you eat more, you will feel bloated and indigestible. Therefore, the food intake of the elderly per meal should be reduced by about 10% compared with that when they are young, and at the same time, they should eat less and more meals.

Better quality

Protein plays an important role in maintaining normal metabolism and enhancing body resistance in the elderly. Generally, the elderly need 1g protein per kilogram of body weight, which should be mainly from fish, poultry, eggs, milk, soybeans and other high-quality protein sources.

More vegetables

Eating more vegetables is good for cardiovascular protection and cancer prevention. The elderly should eat no less than 250 grams of vegetables every day.

The dishes should be light

The old people's taste function has declined, often eating and tasteless, always like to eat heavy food to enhance appetite, thus inadvertently increased the intake of salt. Eating too much salt will increase the renal burden, which may reduce the barrier function of oral mucosa, and increase the survival and diffusion probability of cold virus in the upper respiratory tract. Therefore, the daily intake of salt for the elderly should be controlled at about 5g, and at the same time, they should eat less soy sauce and other salty food.

A little variety

Both meat and vegetable should be taken into consideration, and the more complex the variety, the better. Daily main and non-staple food (excluding seasoning) should not be less than 10 samples.

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