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The correct use of warm baby, winter use of warm baby should pay attention to the problem

These days began to cool the country, today to recommend a god of heating - warm baby. Yes, you're right. Many people are using warm baby, but today we are going to discuss the correct use of warming baby.

Why does warm baby have fever? What is the principle of warming baby?

What makes warm baby warm is the raw materials inside, such as activated carbon, iron powder, water, inorganic salts and so on. When you tear that layer of gelatin, the polymer reacts with the oxygen in the air, which produces a heating reaction.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon has the effect of heat conduction, the oxidation process of activated carbon can be successfully completed because activated carbon can absorb water in the air. When heated, the charcoal will expand, and holes will appear between the carbon atoms. The surface area of each pound of activated carbon can be increased to the same size as six football fields, so these gaps can completely absorb water.

Iron powder

Iron powder will react with oxygen in the air to form iron oxide, which will release heat when the iron is corroded. The heat released will make the temperature of iron powder rise, generally to about 68 ℃.

sodium chloride

Many cities with more snowfall will use sodium chloride for deicing, and the cars we park outside are often corroded by sodium chloride. In the warm baby principle here, sodium chloride can make iron powder corrode.


Vermiculite is hydrated, so it expands when heated, and it looks like a worm crawling. Vermiculite's water absorption capacity is very strong, and itself is also very light, also does not have the chemical reaction, this is one kind can fire prevention very good material.

What problems should be paid attention to when using warm baby in winter?

Warm baby a paste can be hot, is a female friend winter warm artifact, is simply a warm little sun, but there are some security risks, the following with small nine to see what to pay attention to it!

"Warm baby" should not be used close to the body, otherwise it may cause scald

"Warm baby" is regarded as a new generation of household essential heating artifact, but some netizens reported that this warm baby will cause low temperature scald to the body. Is this the case? We invite experts to give you a professional answer.

Experts explained that low-temperature scald usually refers to the long-term effect of heat sources higher than the body temperature. The body temperature is about 37 degrees. It is generally believed that long-term effect of temperature above 44 degrees may cause skin or soft tissue damage from shallow to deep, that is, low-temperature scald.

Because although the temperature of warm baby and warm water bag is not high, it will form heat accumulation after contacting with skin for a long time. The skin will be damaged gradually from the superficial dermis to the deep dermis and subcutaneous tissues. There will be erythema, blisters and other symptoms on the surface. It seems that it is not serious. In fact, the whole skin layer or even the subcutaneous tissue may be damaged.

The correct use of "warm baby"

When using warm baby, first of all can not directly contact the skin, the best way is to stick it on the outside of close fitting clothes. Warm baby pastes on the back is the most warm, can let the whole body feel the heat. If women have abdominal distension pain, dysmenorrhea and other problems in menstrual period, they can choose to stick it on the lower abdomen of the navel, which can reduce the discomfort, but the time can not be too long, each time up to 30 minutes; if the winter due to cold dyspepsia, can be pasted on the stomach, promote digestion and absorption; if there are shoulder and neck disease or winter due to cold wind caused shoulder and neck pain, can be pasted on the shoulder or back Neck; patients with arthritis can be pasted on both knee joints; if only people who are afraid of cold on weekdays and have no special symptoms, they can be pasted on the waist and eye of the back waist.

These three types of people must not use "warm baby"

Baby: "warm baby" is not suitable for baby use, because the newborn skin is tender, one careless can lead to scald.

Pregnant women: this kind of fever patch can make the pregnant woman produce internal heat, and the fetus will also produce too much internal heat, which will bring various heat diseases after birth.

Diabetes and blood circulation disorders: diabetes and blood circulation disorders of skin heat sensitivity is low, easy to cause low temperature scald when using.

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