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Tea can soak feet, ginger water can prevent carsickness, teach you daily health tips

Health preservation is the pursuit of our modern public, not only can exercise, but also can make our quality of life more healthy and higher. Health preservation is actually very simple, we should not believe in those mysterious things, as long as we do a good job, believe in ourselves, do not let your heart have too many negative emotions. Do the following little knowledge, you will be the healthiest person in the world.

1. Tea can soak feet

We may drink some tea more or less every day, and most people may have some tea left, or tea. We can use these leftovers to soak our feet or wash our faces. Because the remaining tea can relieve the dryness of the skin, soften our skin, and soften the cuticle. Can nourish our skin, let our skin become smooth and elastic. And to our skin also has certain repair function. So tea is very good for our skin. Local tyrants can soak their feet with tea directly.

2. Ginger water can prevent and treat carsickness

We can buy some ginger in our life, not only for cooking. You can use it when you have a cold, when you have a flu, and now, when you're carsick, you can use it. Because ginger contains an ingredient, which is good for treating carsickness. It can help our blood circulation faster, stimulate our stomach to secrete digestive juice, help us digest, and has the effect of stopping vomiting.

3. Reduce fever with mung bean soup

Mung bean is a good thing. In our usual breakfast, lunch and even dinner, we can use mung bean to make some meals or boil some mung bean soup in the soup of breakfast and dinner. The mung bean soup has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. In traditional Chinese medicine, herbal poisoning is usually solved with mung bean soup, which has the effect of detoxification and anti-inflammatory, as well as a certain effect of reducing fever. Mung bean soup is a common food in our life, often drink mung bean soup, but also can beauty.

4. A glass of milk before going to bed

Milk for us, generally drink in the morning, because of our concept problem, think that drinking milk in the morning is the most healthy. But now it's good to drink milk at night. Milk contains ingredients that can make people sleep soundly, and some hypnotic substances. In the morning, it can provide energy for the human body. At night, it can make us sleep more comfortable. It can make people feel comfortable all over the body, which is conducive to us falling asleep and relieving our fatigue. So drinking milk before going to bed is also good.

5. Light salt water to prevent heatstroke

It's hot in summer, we all drink a lot of water to ensure that we have enough water in our body, but the effect is not so good. We might as well try to put some salt into the water, a small amount can be. Salt water can not only prevent heatstroke, but also lock our water in the body to prevent us from dehydration. Because salt in brackish water has minerals, it can prevent us from heatstroke.

Summer health

In summer, the hot weather makes the human body sweat a lot, consumes a lot of body fluid, and consumes a variety of nutrients, so it is easy to feel body fatigue and thirst. This is a kind of performance that consumes Qi and injures Yin. It usually affects the function of spleen and stomach, causing loss of appetite and digestive function. Therefore, many people will feel the deficiency of both qi and Yin in summer. According to the principle of "deficiency is invigorating Qi" of traditional Chinese medicine purchased from medicinal Township, we should also pay attention to tonic food in summer.

Tonic in summer is based on the principles of tonifying, invigorating the spleen, dispelling heat and removing dampness. It is generally based on light nourishing food, such as duck stewed wax gourd. In addition, such as lean pork, fresh melon and fruit, Euryale ferox, mung bean and other foods are used in summer to clear tonic food therapy.

Tips for health care

1. Ensure to eat a good breakfast: if you don't have a good breakfast, the minimum blood sugar of the human body is not enough, and people can't study and work with vigor.

2. Breakfast should be hot food: morning is the time for autonomic nerve and parasympathetic nerve to turn to sympathetic nerve. Hot food can raise body temperature, promote conversion, and increase appetite.

3. Tea should be drunk after dinner: tannin, the main component of tea, has the function of sterilization and disinfection, and its plant saponin can clean the debris after eating in the mouth.

4. Appropriate exercise after meals: this can improve cell vitality, reduce fat accumulation, and prevent obesity.

5. Don't eat cold drinks at night: the body's water metabolism is not active at night. If you eat cold drinks after 7:00 p.m., it will accumulate in the body due to slow water metabolism, reduce body temperature, and it is not easy to eliminate fatigue.

6. The dinner should be restrained: the dinner should be controlled, and the next day's breakfast can have an appetite.

7. Don't eat before going to bed: if you eat before you go to bed, you can't have enough rest in your stomach, which can easily lead to stomach trouble and affect your sleep, but it's OK to drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed.

8. Do not eat desserts after eating greasy things: eating desserts after eating greasy things, human adipose tissue absorbs excess glucose. Starch, can make the body fat.

9. After eating fat things should drink coffee tea: tea and coffee contain caffeine, can stimulate autonomic nervous activity, promote fat metabolism.

10. More innovative tastes: this can increase appetite, help to supplement the body needs a variety of nutrients.

11. Salt should not be too much: too much salt intake, easy to lead to hypertension.

12. Eat more dark vegetables: dark vegetables are richer in nutrients such as carotene, vitamin B2, magnesium, iron and so on.

13. Don't be afraid to eat vegetable dregs: cellulose can promote the peristalsis of large intestine, eliminate harmful substances and prevent intestinal cancer. Vegetable residue, as long as not too tough, should be swallowed.

14. When eating, you can listen to elegant music: elegant music can improve the parasympathetic function, promote digestion and absorption, but it is not suitable to listen to jumping, turbulence, too fast music.

15. Often change the way of diet: eat the same thing every day, eat the same way, over time, the nutrition will be unbalanced, so we should pay attention to diversification.

16. It is not suitable to eat while watching TV (or newspaper): reading newspapers and watching TV can make eating time too long and eat more unconsciously. At the same time, it also distracts energy and can't taste food well.

17. Diet to be broad-minded: anger, tension, sadness, worry, will weaken the digestion and absorption function, but also affect the taste.

18. Eating together is better than eating alone: one serving per person can easily lead to nutritional imbalance. There are many kinds of food for many people. It is easy to achieve nutritional balance by eating a little bit of each kind.

19. The best calcium and vinegar intake: vinegar can ionize calcium, easy to be absorbed by the human body. Eating fish and bone food is best cooked with vinegar.

20. Must eat fiber food once a day: the human body intake excess fat and protein, and E. coli, will become harmful spoilage. They are surrounded and excreted by fiber.

21. Eat something before drinking: if you drink on an empty stomach, your liver will be heavily burdened. Vitamin B group and amino acid deficiency, the liver is easy to accumulate fat. Before drinking, eat something and drink some water, which can also prevent drunkenness.

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