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Old people's diet is more and more careless, and their health will only get worse and worse

As we get older, our body needs less energy, and some old people have poor appetite. They are more and more careless in cooking and eating. Over time, some "bad habits" have been formed in diet.

Bad habit 1: lazy to cook, do a lot of meals, eat leftovers every day. Zhu Huilian, member of the elderly nutrition branch of China Nutrition Society and professor of Public Health School of Sun Yat sen University, told reporters that the phenomenon of eating leftovers is relatively common among the elderly. In the process of storage, the nutrients of leftovers are destroyed, and they always eat leftovers. The type of food intake is monotonous and prone to malnutrition. The most important thing to note is that poor storage of leftovers is likely to breed bacteria and cause safety problems.

Bad habit 2: if you're not too hungry, just take a couple of mouthfuls, even don't eat. Many elderly people who live alone eat at will and don't eat according to the meal order. For the elderly, it is recommended to eat more with family members, or to eat in group dining places, which can improve communication, promote appetite, and eat more abundant food.

Bad habit 3: put down the dishes and go to the square dance. Some old people who like to dance square dance often put down their bowls and chopsticks and go out for activities in order to go to the market. After eating a meal, people need to have a 30-60 minute rest, during which they can stand and walk, but they can't immediately carry out square dance and other fast-paced activities, otherwise it is harmful to digestion.

Bad habit 4: blind vegetarianism, no meat and smell. Zhu Huilian reminds the elderly that long-term vegetarianism will make the body weak and lack of protein. "Meat and fishy" is not greasy. It is necessary to eat some steamed and fried fish and shrimp, poultry meat, etc. to supplement high-quality protein. The protein requirement of the elderly is more than that of the young. According to the dietary guidelines, the daily protein intake of men over 50 years old should reach 65 grams, and that of women should be 55 grams. In addition to meat, protein supplement can also drink a bag of milk every day, eat soybean and soybean products once a day.

Bad habit 5: health food as a meal, normal food but live together. Many old people "worship" health products, but they can only provide some special ingredients, three meals a day is the main source of daily nutrition. If you don't eat well, just eat health products, your health will only get worse and worse.

Bad habit 6: infatuated with soup. Soup is not as nourishing as many people think. If you drink too much, you will take in excessive salt and purine, which will bring burden to the liver and kidney. Drink a small amount of soup can promote appetite, but drink more will form "false satiety", limit other food intake, but make the elderly malnutrition.

Bad habit 7: eat only soft ones. If the old people only eat soft food because of bad teeth, their chewing ability will become worse and worse after a long time, and the body will be undernourished. Therefore, if there is a problem with the teeth, you need to see a doctor in time to solve the problem and keep the chewing ability.

Bad habit 8: eat roughage hard. Coarse grain, that is, whole grains, including oats, black rice, job's tears, millet, etc. Many experts call on people to eat more roughage because they don't eat enough. But in fact, the more roughage, the better. Some old people dundundun coarse food, intake of excessive dietary fiber, will affect the absorption of minerals, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. It is suggested that 25% to 30% of coarse grains should be included in the daily staple food of the elderly.

Bad habit 9: taste degradation, add seasoning. With aging, the taste degenerates, making people taste tasteless. In order to stimulate the sense of taste, some old people put a lot of seasoning when cooking, but the effect is not discussed, but their health is harmed. Excessive intake of salt and sugar will lead to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, high weight and other problems. It is suggested that old friends use natural spices to improve the flavor, such as fennel, mint, Zanthoxylum, etc.

Bad habit 10: the disadvantages of not having breakfast. Myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction are two well-known diseases threatening our health. However, many people do not know that the occurrence of these two diseases is actually related to the neglect of breakfast by modern people. This is because if you don't eat breakfast, you will lack food in your stomach, and you will have a lot of type B thromboglobulin in in your blood. This is a protein that can cause blood to clot, making people vulnerable to myocardial infarction. Long term not eating breakfast, naturally imperceptibly contributed to the formation of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

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