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Nail shop practitioners have a high risk of cancer, and poor manicure can cause nail inflammation

Since the rapid development of the nail industry in various countries, the nail industry has developed rapidly all over the world. Manicure is a pursuit of fashion beauty, because through manicure, women can make their hands become more slender, pay more attention to the maintenance of their hands, and make themselves more fashionable.

Although the area of the nail is not very large, but under the beautification of the manicurist, there can be many wonderful changes on the nail. At the beginning, it was limited to one color, and now the nail can be painted on it, which is really lifelike. Manicure has brought fashion beauty to women, but some tools of Manicure have hidden some health risks. This risk is huge for the manicure personnel, and it will also have certain harm to the women who carry out the manicure. Next, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of manicure.

Benefits of Manicure:

This is very clear to all, through the manicure will let their hands more beautiful, at the same time, learn to protect their hands. Some people say that hands are people's second face. People make up on their faces in order to be more beautiful. Similarly, manicure also makes them more beautiful. With a pair of slender hands and beautiful nails, people immediately become fashionable and beautiful. Nail can also be regularly trimmed nails, so that there will be no nail problems, and manicure at the same time will also be around the nail to clean the skin, reduce the occurrence of some paronychia.

Hazards of Manicure:

1. If the tools are not disinfected strictly, the consequences will be serious

Some small nail shops because of incomplete equipment or no sense of disinfection, leading to the use of nail tools can not be very good disinfection, this will have serious consequences. Although it is manicure, it is inevitable that bleeding will occur in the process of nail treatment. If the last person who used a manicure tool had an infectious disease, then this person is likely to be infected with the disease. This situation is very terrible. Therefore, it is recommended to choose some reliable nail shops with good disinfection, and it is better to use disposable nail tools, so as to avoid mutual contact Infection.

2. Nail bed and nail body are involved in nail injuries

In order to make the nail repair more beautiful, it is inevitable to damage our nail bed and nail body in the process of manicure. If the nail is manicured for a long time, it may cause our nail bed to become shorter.

Manicure can damage the nail body and nail bed, resulting in nail damage, and even the separation of nail and nail bed skin, resulting in nail peeling, which eventually leads to nail bed (the part connecting the nail and the flesh) to become shorter, which is not worth the loss.

One industry pointed out that in fact, there are "fake and mixed" situations in some irregular manicure shops, many nail polish is highly imitated and highly toxic.

Nail is actually protein, protein in the face of harmful organic substances, will denaturate, or even necrosis. It may not be seen in the short term, but if you apply nail polish for a long time, the nail surface will become uneven and rough. Therefore, nail polish is still corrosive to fingernails.

There are many people who have done a manicure to reflect that after finishing the manicure, the nail and the skin of the nail bed below are slowly separated, and even potholes and arcs are lost.

In recent years, it is popular to stick crystal nails. Many women change this kind of fake nails as frequently as they change clothes. Because of the corrosive effect of crystal adhesive, the nail is vulnerable to deformation. It sticks to the nails and causes the nails to be mechanically pulled for a long time. When the nails are attached to the crystal, nails should be worn thin and pasted with longer false nails to increase the friction of the nails, and the chemical stimulation of adhesives and nail polish will make the nails easy to damage and peel off. Therefore, there are many women who do nail bed separation phenomenon, nail from the nail bed stripped off.

Frequent manicures can lead to nail inflammation, bleeding in nail beds, and even rashes and more serious skin problems, the Daily Mail reported.

A manicurist from England often uses acrylic paint. Now her nails are badly damaged, and her nails are uneven, thin and easy to break. Besides manicure paint, it is dangerous for health, and the UV lamp for Nail Manicure and nail polish is a health killer. A 61 year old woman has been manicure for a long time because of her gel nail. Some women even have symptoms such as nail drop and nail bed bleeding.

According to medical experts, manicure is a threat to nail health and can even cause permanent damage to nail bed.

3, some nail polish bad quality contains toxic substances

There are some bad nail polish that contains some harmful substances. It may not respond in a short time, but long time use will damage the health of our nails.

4. Increase the risk of cancer

Nail polish has a chemical substance called o-benzoic acid two, and its content is very high, it mainly plays the role of softening. The substance can enter the body through the respiratory system and skin, and if used too much, it can increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

Another survey showed that nearly 90% of nail polish was found on the packaging and labels without Chinese characters. The most prominent problem of these unqualified nail polish is the use of banned pigment, which contains a large number of carcinogens that may cause cancer. In addition, many of the ingredients are not clear and may contain toxic substances when used in manicure.

Because fingernails are easy to absorb external substances, long-term use of lead, arsenic, mercury, benzene and other heavy metals exceed the standard of nail polish may cause chronic poisoning, or even cause cancer.

5. Can cause abortion

Nail polish commonly contains a substance called phthalate ester, which can cause fetal abortions. Phthalate ester is a colorless and odorless oily liquid with good volatility. It can make nail polish more uniform and durable. It can enter the human body through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract, and is accumulated in adipose tissue, which is not easy to excrete. If the residual concentration of this substance in human body is high, it will harm the liver, kidney, cardiovascular and reproductive system, and affect the endocrine function of human body. Pregnant women who use manicure and nail polish for a long time may cause fetal abortions and affect the reproductive organs development of male babies.

6. Nail color

There are several kinds of people who are easy to get onychomycosis, such as tinea manus, tinea corporis and tinea cruris; housewives, cooks and people who have been in contact with water or various chemicals for a long time; people with low immune function, such as the elderly, pregnant women and diabetic patients; some habits are also easy to cause onychomycosis, such as nail polish may cause onychomycosis. Many chemicals used in the process of Manicure will make nails more and more fragile. Cutting, grinding and other actions may cause nail damage. If the tools used are not disinfected, it is easy to cause indirect infection of fungi, resulting in gray nails, etc. gray nails are still relatively difficult to treat. If it needs to be treated for a long time, it will not be good to apply ointment, but also lead to nail brittleness and thickening, nail peeling and other problems.

The first step of manicure is usually to remove the small skin of the nail, file the nail, remove or push back the small skin on the customer's nail, that is, file the skin close to the white place on the nail, or even remove it, which is a harm to the nail itself.

In order to stick more firmly, the manicurist will file off a layer of nail surface with a file before pasting the imitation nail, and then paste the imitation nail piece on the nail cover with glue. In fact, this will destroy the nail surface membrane, if you add the equipment is not clean, it is easy to be infected by viruses and fungi, forming "grey nails".

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