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Early rise a few movements to maintain each organ, the most taboo of these two things

Morning is the prime time of the day, which can also be said to be the best time to keep fit. At this time, if you can grasp one minute, then there will be more harvest.

Five actions to wake up in the morning

1. Turn your eyes

Eye movement is a "health exercise" that many people are doing. It can relax our eyes, and often do it can avoid myopia deepening too fast, strengthen eye muscles, refresh and eye-catching.

Specific methods: the eyeball rotates clockwise for 30 times, and then it can rotate counterclockwise for 30 times. Or look at the "four sides", that is, up, down, left and right.

2. Gently rub the outline of the ear

When you get up in the morning, you can also rub the outline of your ears, which is what we call the earrings. There is no requirement for the number of times. When the left and right Earrings start to heat, you can feel comfortable.

Efficacy: it has the function of health hearing and heat dissipation. If you often have dizziness and tinnitus and often forget the East and the West. So it is suggested to rub these parts more, which will have a good effect.

3. Stretch and bend limbs

If you have blood vessel problems, supine when the blood flow is slow, resulting in edema of the limbs, then you can do more stretching and bending exercise, so that the blood flow back quickly, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems will be alleviated.

4. Knead your nose

The nose is the key part of the human body, which is connected with some organs in the body. Therefore, pressing and kneading the nose has a good health preservation effect. When you just get up in the morning, you might as well rub your nose up and down with your thumbs, 50 times a day. The frequency can also be adjusted according to the actual situation. If you have a good constitution, you can do it a few more times. When you feel the nose start to heat, you can stop.

The effect of rubbing nose: if you have a cold or lung infection, it has the function of ventilating and moistening the lung.

5. Press the navel gently

Navel is born with, it can be said that it is an important and vulnerable part of the body. Don't let your navel get cold.

When sleeping at night, be sure to let the quilt cover the navel to avoid cold air invading the body.

The specific method: the palms of two hands are overlapped, and then attached to the navel, which can make our intestines and stomach unobstructed, but also can promote the absorption of the stomach and intestines.

In addition, you can also do these actions after breakfast, which will be more relaxed all day after finishing:

1. Shrug

I believe that we all understand the shrug and do not need to explain it too much. In fact, shrugging is not a good behavior, it will affect people's physical beauty. However, shrugging in the morning can relieve shoulder and neck pain, cervical spine distortion and other problems.

2. Twist your neck

If you are an office worker, often sitting in front of the computer office, neck pain phenomenon, then it is recommended to do neck exercise in the morning.

As the saying goes, one day, lies in the morning. We should eat breakfast on time, coupled with certain exercise, which is what we call morning running, over time the body will become more healthy, longevity is not a problem.

Two taboos in the morning

1. Do vigorous exercise immediately

Many people get up in the morning and get into the habit of doing proper physical exercise. As long as they pay attention, it's really good for their health. However, the exercise must take a little rest after getting up in the morning, waiting for the balance of Qi and blood Yin and Yang. If you don't get ready to exercise after you get up, you will immediately carry out more intense exercise, which is prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

2. The bed of love

One of the two taboos to get up in the morning is love bed. I believe this phenomenon is very common in daily life, especially in holidays. Anyone who has ever fallen in love with being bedridden will have this feeling: he spends more time sleeping and falling in love with a bed, but feels his feet are heavy, his spirit is depressed, he is tired and he is not sleeping well. Therefore, he is not as energetic as he is busy working or studying every day. Enough sleep can relieve fatigue and restore energy. But some people mistakenly believe that more sleep is good for health, especially for the growth and development of teenagers. So some people can't get up in the morning when they have the chance, so that they can sleep much longer than they need. This is a bad habit, and it will be harmful to our health in the long run.

The right way to get up in the morning

1. drinking water

Water is the source of life, without water to nourish our life will be exhausted, so the habit of drinking a glass of water every morning helps to keep healthy. When you get up in the morning, you should drink a glass of water seriously. Because after a night's sleep, without a drop of water intake, people are prone to dehydration. Drinking a glass of water at this time is conducive to the body to replenish water. At the same time, it also plays a role in cleaning the intestines and stomach. Wake up the stomach and other body senses to better digest breakfast food. In addition, a glass of water to clean your mouth can wake up your sleep.

2. Defecate in the morning

Do you have the habit of defecating in the morning? If not, develop it quickly. Once the formation of good defecation habits, it will be conducive to our healthy life. When we sleep, food stays in our bodies. After a night of digestion, if not discharged in time, the accumulation of the body will cause a burden on gastrointestinal function. Not many people can't. After all, they can't do it if they want to. If they don't have this habit, don't worry. This can be cultivated with great efforts. For example, you can eat high fiber foods, such as cabbage, sweet potato, and so on. When you wake up in the morning, whether you go down to one side or not, the habit will become natural over time.

It is absolutely impossible for people not to eat. Pay special attention to breakfast, the first meal of the day. Many people don't value breakfast. That's wrong. Skipping breakfast is not only a way to enjoy life, but also a stupid behavior that damages the body. Some people would rather sleep for half an hour than have a delicious breakfast. In fact, three meals a day is the most important breakfast, breakfast is the source of vitality of the day, in order to sleep more, saving breakfast is the most uneconomical, health discount is very large, and then lost the wonderful feeling of enjoying a quiet breakfast.

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