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Ear digging is easy to cause ear attack, which is a great risk

With the growth of age, how many people still take this seriously? Do you pick up the small objects around you and start digging when your ears itch? Whether to listen to the sound of the ear canal to stir the earwax, whole body happy? In our view, a very common small movement, but do not know that there is a great risk, it may be because of our small action caused ear attacks, and even lead to cancer. At this time, we have to wonder, is it true that the elders of our family said what they said, not to scare us to play? Can earwax be pulled out? What is earwax? If we can, how can we take out the earwax correctly? With these questions, let's look down!

What is earwax?

In medicine, earwax is called cerumen. It is an oily substance secreted by the sweat glands of the external auditory canal, which is abnormal in the skin of the external auditory canal. At ordinary times, cerumen will move out of the ear canal unconsciously with the aid of chewing and opening mouth.

When there is too much cerumen in the ear canal, it will affect the hearing. When swimming and bathing, if water does not enter ear cerumen, it will absorb water and expand. It can cause ear excrement to expand rapidly due to water flowing into the external ear canal, which will cause sudden ear pain and hearing loss. If the position of earwax is deep, it will also compress the tympanic membrane to cause tinnitus, otorrhea and dizziness.

Can earwax be pulled out? What are the serious consequences?

I believe that many people want to know about this answer because it is really unpleasant to have this shit. However, if the ear is repeatedly dug, the skin of the ear canal will form papilloma of the external auditory canal due to frequent stimulation.

We know that the skin of the external auditory canal is very fragile. Third, the blood circulation is also relatively poor. If you do not control the strength when pulling out the ear, it is easy to cause damage and infection of the external auditory canal, and cause inflammation and ulceration of the external auditory canal. In severe cases, if the ear is pulled out too hard, it may cause perforation of the tympanic membrane, affect the hearing, and develop into otitis media. Of course, the possibility of deafness is also great.

Can earwax affect our hearing?

Generally speaking, a small to moderate amount of earwax will not weaken our hearing. However, if the ear canal is completely blocked by ear wax, it is likely to cause conductive hearing loss and ear discomfort

1. There's a lot of earwax

For those who have a lot of earwax (especially oily earwax) and slow skin metabolism of the external auditory canal, the ability to remove the earwax is relatively poor. It may accumulate in the external auditory canal and form a "wax plug" to plug the external auditory canal, resulting in hearing loss, accompanied by the feeling of earplug, ear itching, and even tinnitus.

2. Water intrusion in ear canal

It is not uncommon for water to enter the ear canal. For example, when swimming or washing your hair, water may invade the ear canal. At this time, the ear wax will swell when meeting water and completely block the ear canal. The patient may suddenly feel hearing loss, accompanied by earache, and return to normal after dry.

How to judge when to clean ear wax?

When we need to clean ear wax varies from person to person. We always feel that our ears itch in the middle, and we will dig them with cotton swabs or button spoon. With the cleaning of ear wax, the ears will no longer itch. In fact, Xiaobian does not approve of ear canal pruritus when ear tapping, if frequent ear tapping will lead to ear canal inflammation.

It is better for us to form the habit of regular cleaning ear excrement. It is better to clean it once in 15 days, and it is not too frequent. And once habits are formed, they will become a kind of protection mechanism of their own, and regular cleaning has many advantages.

But if the ear because of swimming or other reasons into the water or other foreign bodies, you need to clean the ear canal immediately to avoid inflammation. This is because dirty water into the ear may introduce the growth of bacteria, so it must be removed.

In particular, if a flying insect enters the ear, the other side of the ear needs to be blocked immediately, and then the flashlight is used to irradiate the ear canal to induce the insect to climb out of the ear. If this method does not work, it is necessary to pour edible oil immediately to kill the insect, and then clamp it out with forceps. If it is not convenient to operate, you need to ask the doctor for help.

Selection of ear tapping site

If we clean our ears, we can do it in a dust-free environment. We don't need to see what's going on inside our ears. As long as your perception is OK, you can clear your earwax.

But if you need help with cleaning your ears, you need a good place to light. It is better to exceed the direction of light. This is easy to operate to observe the inside of the ear.

Note: it is easy to hurt periosteum by digging earwax, which requires careful operation.

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