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Do not sleep at noon, collapse in the afternoon, scientific nap skills

Every day after lunch, students or office workers who have worked hard all morning like to take a nap to replenish their energy. For them, taking a nap is just a short time in a busy day. Some people who like to stay up late will also take advantage of this time to prepare for the work in the afternoon. It can be said that a nap is a happy little thing for many people.

Don't sleep at noon, collapse in the afternoon

I'm afraid some people who have worked overtime or stayed up late the day before will understand the profound meaning of this sentence. If you can't have a good rest at noon, you may not be working all afternoon, yawn and hard to concentrate.

Especially in summer, when you can have a short rest at noon, you can adjust your body in time, and you can have more energy to face work and study in the next time. Because after lunch people's blood viscosity will become high, this time the brain blood supply is insufficient, resulting in drowsiness. Taking a nap can make the blood viscosity lower, so people are more energetic.

Is napping equal to chronic suicide?

However, some people have seen such an article in the circle of friends. It said that taking a nap can not only restore people's energy, but also is not a kind of thing. Sometimes it will be a chronic suicide. As a result, many people began to resist taking a nap. Of course, some people continued to take a nap with uneasiness.

Refute the rumor! Napping is not life-threatening for people, and proper rest is the real health preservation

In fact, napping is equivalent to chronic suicide, which is totally illusory. No matter who it is, as long as the body sends out the signal to sleep, it can take a proper rest. It's the natural response of the body's biological clock, and it doesn't need to be violated at all. Taking a nap at noon is also helpful to the work in the afternoon.

Next, we will refute the previous questions one by one

First, obese people should not take naps, because napping can make people fatter? First of all, obesity doesn't have much to do with lunch. Obesity is closely related to metabolism and the work and rest time of some obese people. Of course, eating a meal immediately after taking a nap is really slow metabolism, more likely to cause fat accumulation. If you want a nap, you might as well go out for a walk.

Second, three high is not suitable for nap, because it will increase the risk of stroke? Medical research shows that there is no direct or indirect link between napping and stroke. On the contrary, insomnia, waking up and so on can easily lead to stroke, but a day of sleep time can not be too long, too long also has the risk of stroke.

Third, people with blood circulation problems are not suitable for napping, which can cause stroke? In fact, there is no medical evidence that normal sleep increases the risk of stroke in patients with abnormal blood circulation. On the contrary, keeping enough sleep is an important way to prevent cerebral ischemia. For patients with ischemic stroke, the peak of onset is not in sleep, but in a few hours of sleep in the morning. Generally speaking, after a nap, the blood pressure fluctuation of human body is not as big as that of waking up in the morning, which is relatively safe.

Fourth, patients with hypotension are not suitable for nap, because napping will reduce blood pressure? In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement. Generally speaking, as long as maintain air flow, do not press to the chest of sleep is no problem, but the lowest blood pressure in a day is in the early morning.

Fifthly, those who have sleep problems or are prone to insomnia at night should not take a nap. In fact, maybe you will ask: obviously, I can't sleep at night, and I can't get enough sleep during the day. Are you looking for a fight?

Don't get excited! In fact, the best nap time for the general human body is 2:00-4:00 p.m., and 2:00 p.m. is exactly where the body is most likely to get sleepy. But during this period, for those insomnia patients, if they sleep for an hour or two, then they will really be unable to fall asleep at night. Therefore, it is hard to get sleepy during the day, but you have to keep the sleepiness. If you really want to take a nap, it is recommended to sleep for 15-20 minutes, which can effectively prevent yourself from entering deep sleep.

Rest assured that napping is only the normal body clock performance

As we said earlier, a nap is a signal that the body needs to rest. At this time, if there is no important thing, it's better to obey the body's will to take a nap. Nap is equal to chronic suicide, and it's pure fraud. Please rest assured that you take a nap. It's just that there are certain "skills" in taking a nap.

How to take a nap?

1. Don't sleep on your stomach. Due to the limited conditions, many people choose to lie on the table to take a nap. In fact, this is very harmful to health. Not only easy to oppress the chest, affect breathing, make the arm numb, not to make the body get the purpose of rest, but also easy to make the cervical spine and lumbar vertebrae excessive bending, lead to muscle tension, and even cause local ischemia.

2. Nap time should not be too long. The best time to take a nap is half an hour to one hour. Too long will enter a deep sleep, wake up will feel very uncomfortable, prone to dizziness and other symptoms, but also affect the night rest, disturb the biological clock.

If you have physical discomfort due to a long nap, it is recommended to get up and take some exercise. Wash your face with cold water. You can drink a cup of warm water and adjust slowly. After a period of time, you will get better.

3. Napping is not everywhere. Don't think the lunch break is short. You can sleep anywhere. Therefore, it is not recommended to sleep in the corridor, under the tree shade, on the grass, on the concrete floor, or at the draught or tuyere, or in front of the air conditioner or fan. If possible, you can cover a thin blanket and sleep again.

4. It's better to sleep 15-20 minutes after lunch. What needs to be reminded is that it is not suitable to go to bed immediately after lunch, and it is better to sleep again at an interval of about 15-20 minutes. Because after eating, a large amount of blood flows to the stomach to accelerate digestion. At this time, oxygen supply to the brain decreases significantly. If you fall asleep immediately, it may cause cerebral blood supply insufficiency.

5. Nap must pay attention to keep warm, many people do not like to cover the quilt, but when sleeping, the ability of the body to adjust temperature is weakened. If you don't pay attention to keep warm when sleeping, it's easy to catch a cold, which is not worth the loss.

6. Take a 10 minute walk at the end of the afternoon nap, not only to help digestion, but also to accelerate blood circulation.

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