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Cholesterol is high, mostly because of these factors

We often hear people say eat less meat, cholesterol will rise. In fact, the cause of high cholesterol is very complex, not necessarily eating meat will cause high cholesterol, so high cholesterol can't eat meat? Of course, you can eat meat, but you must be able to eat meat and know how to eat meat. If you do not eat meat for a long time, it will cause the lack of trace elements.

High cholesterol can eat meat, but pay attention to three points:

1. To eat lean meat, and to the right amount, because lean meat contains less cholesterol than fat meat.

2. Eat more plant foods, vegetables and bean products, they can reduce your cholesterol absorption, thereby reducing your own cholesterol content.

3. People with high cholesterol should not eat animal viscera, such as liver, large intestine, lung, heart, stomach, kidney, etc., do not eat high cholesterol food such as sheep's brain and pig's brain, and try not to eat fat meat.

But some people will say that I have rarely eaten meat, why is cholesterol still high? In fact, high cholesterol is caused not only by eating more meat, but also by heredity, obesity, high sugar content, old age, bad habits and so on.

Cholesterol is high, mostly due to these factors


A large part of the reason for high cholesterol is heredity, that is to say, the body mechanism appears high cholesterol phenomenon, in any case, cholesterol will be high. So this kind, must pay special attention to diet, pay attention to exercise.


It's not to say that older people will definitely have high cholesterol phenomenon, but older people's bile secretion is less than that of young people, so the function of cholesterol metabolism is decreased, so the older people have higher cholesterol.


If you want to synthesize cholesterol, you have to have fat. Obese people have more fat, which provides the raw material for cholesterol synthesis. So fat people are also prone to high cholesterol.

Excessive sugar intake

Too much sugar not only predisposes to diabetes, but also increases triglycerides, which are transported to the bloodstream for circulation through low-density lipoprotein. Low density lipoprotein is high, which means high cholesterol.

Bad habits

Because drinking can increase the amount of triglycerides, smoking has persecution on the inner wall of blood vessels, which makes triglycerides accumulate and cause high cholesterol phenomenon.

No exercise, no diet

If people do not exercise for a long time and do not control their diet properly, they will lead to obesity. Moreover, excessive intake of animal oil, saturated fat, margarine and trans fat will make the cholesterol higher.

Lack of dietary fiber in the body

Dietary fiber of human body meal is helpful to cholesterol conversion, which is excreted from the body and reduces the content of cholesterol in the body. Conversely, if dietary fiber is insufficient, it will make cholesterol higher.

Disease factors

Patients with diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid, chronic liver disease, and chronic renal failure, as well as calcium deficiency, vitamin C deficiency, will appear the phenomenon of elevated cholesterol.

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